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Alternative Method for Safe Haven MFB Card Authentication
Alternative Method for Safe Haven MFB Card Authentication
Written by Blessing
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If you prefer an alternative method instead of using a 4-digit PIN to authenticate your Safe Haven MFB account, you can use the SMS/Email option to receive a 6-digit One-Time Password (OTP). Follow the steps below to set up and use this alternative authentication method:

Step 1: Access the authentication page:

When prompted to input your 4-digit PIN, look for an option labeled "Select another auth method" on the page. Click on this option to explore alternative authentication methods.

Step 2: Choose the SMS/Email option:

On the authentication page, you will typically find various options for different authentication methods. Locate the SMS/Email option and select it.

Step 3: Request the OTP:

By choosing the SMS/Email option, you can request a 6-digit OTP. This OTP will be sent to either your registered phone number or email address. Ensure that you have access to the chosen channel.

Step 4: Enter OTP:

Open your registered phone number's messaging app or check your email inbox, depending on the chosen channel. Look for a message containing the 6-digit OTP. Retrieve the OTP from the message. On the authentication page, you will find a designated space provided for the OTP. Input the 6-digit OTP you received from your phone number or email into this space.

Step 5: Submit or verify:

Once you have entered the OTP, click on the Submit or Verify button to complete the authentication process. The system will validate the OTP and grant you access to your Safe Haven MFB card.

Using this alternative method, you can authenticate your Safe Haven MFB card without relying on a 4-digit PIN. It provides an additional layer of security and flexibility in accessing your account. Remember to keep your phone or email account secure to prevent unauthorized access to your OTPs and protect your banking information.

If you encounter any difficulties or have further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to Safe Haven MFB's customer service team for assistance. They can provide guidance and support to ensure a smooth authentication process using the alternative method.

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