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How to Open an Individual Account with Safe Haven MFB
How to Open an Individual Account with Safe Haven MFB
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To get started on Safe Haven MFB as an individual, kindly follow these step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Visit Safe Haven MFB's Website:

Start by visiting the official website of SafeHaven MFB at; This is where you'll initiate the account opening process.

Step 2: Click on "Get Started":

Once you're on the SafeHaven MFB website, locate and click on the Get Started button. This will direct you to a new screen with various options.

Step 3: Select Individual Account:

From the options displayed, choose the "Individual Account" option. This selection will lead you to a section where you'll be asked to provide identification details.

Step 4: Choose Your Preferred Identification Method:

Select your preferred means of identification from the options provided, such as BVN (Bank Verification Number), NIN (National Identification Number), or Phone Number. Fill in the required information accurately.

Step 5: Request and Enter OTP (One-Time Password):

Click on the "Get OTP" button to request a six-digit OTP code. Retrieve the code from your registered email address or phone number and enter it in the designated field.

Step 6: Complete the Form:

After entering the OTP, a new screen with a form requiring specific information will appear. Fill out the form accurately, providing all necessary details as requested. Click on Next to proceed to the password setup. Fill in your billing address and create a strong password to secure your account.

Step 7: Sign Up:

Once you've completed the form and set your password, click the "Sign Up" button. Congratulations! Your individual account with SafeHaven MFB has been successfully created.

Important Considerations:

To fulfill the KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements, make sure to verify your email address and provide all the necessary information and documents, including your Bank Verification Number (BVN), personal information, proof of identity, proof of address or utility document, and a passport photograph.

If you have any further questions or encounter any issues during the account opening process, don't hesitate to reach out to SafeHaven MFB's customer service team via email at [email protected] or through Intercom or Twitter (@safeHavenBank). W are available to assist you.

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