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6 Error Messages You May Get on The Root by Sudo App
6 Error Messages You May Get on The Root by Sudo App
Written by Maureen
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The Root by Sudo app provides individuals with a convenient, user-friendly, and affordable payment card option for making online purchases and paying for subscriptions in Naira and Dollar currencies. However, as with any digital application, encountering error messages is not uncommon, but we strive to keep such occurrences minimal on our platform.

In this article, we will discuss 6 error messages that users may encounter on the Root by Sudo app, the possible causes, and what users can do to ensure a smooth experience.

Error Occurred Please Try Again Later

This error is due to network or service downtime on the app. Simply try again later or wait for a push notification from the app when network services are restored.

Bad Request

This is a result of incomplete data submission. Ensure that all information provided is correct and complete before proceeding.

Invalid Request

Similar to the "Bad Request" error, this is also due to incomplete data submission. Cross-check all information provided before proceeding.

Internal Server Error

This error message is rare and occurs when there is an error from our end. Please contact our customer service team via intercom or send us a direct message on Twitter @sudoafrica.

BVN Identification Failed

This error occurs when the Bank Verification Number (BVN) data provided is incorrect. It is essential to double-check BVN information before submitting it during the onboarding process.

Withdrawal Limit Exceeded

This means that the customer has exceeded their maximum daily withdrawal limit. Simply try again the following day.

An Error Occurred Please Contact Card Issuer:

This error occurs when a customer's card has been blocked on our end due to fraudulent activities on the card.

Encountering error messages can be frustrating, but, by being aware of these common error messages, understanding their causes, and following the recommended solutions, users can ensure a smooth and seamless experience with the app. If any issues persist, it is always advisable to reach out to the support team for further assistance.

To get started on Sudo as a business, visit our website here. If you’re an individual looking for a virtual card for online payments or a physical card for ATM and POS payments, download our mobile app, Root by Sudo on the iOS App Store here or Google Play Store here.

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