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Neo Bank: 3 Ways to Leverage Sudo’s API for a Better Banking Experience
Neo Bank: 3 Ways to Leverage Sudo’s API for a Better Banking Experience
Written by Blessing
Updated over a week ago

In recent years, neo banks have gained significant popularity by offering exclusive online banking services which provide a more user-friendly and personalized experience compared to traditional banks. One of the services offered by such a platform is card issuance.

To keep up with the fiercely competitive industry and enhance the banking experience for customers, neo banks can leverage Sudo's card issuing API to embed powerful financial features into their products. Here are three (3) ways to do that;

1. Instant Issuance of Cards

Using Sudo’s card issuing API, neo banks can instantly issue physical and virtual payment cards. This means that customers can receive their cards immediately after opening an account, rather than waiting several days to receive them in the mail. Instant issuance of cards can be especially valuable for customers who need to access their funds quickly, such as those who are traveling or need to make an urgent purchase.

2. Integration with Third-Party Services

By leveraging Sudo’s APIs, neo banks can easily integrate with third-party services such as virtual account service, wallet infrastructure, identity verification services amongst others. This type of integration can help create a more holistic banking experience for customers, making it more likely that they will continue to use the neo bank as their primary banking provider.

3. Data Analytics

Sudo’s APIs provide access to live data and insights into customer spending patterns and preferences, which neo banks can leverage on to tailor their services more effectively and offer personalized recommendations to customers.

Incorporating these and many other features can help create a more engaging and valuable banking experience for customers, leading to increased loyalty and long-term growth for neo banks.

To get started on Sudo as a business, visit our website here. If you’re an individual looking for a virtual card for online payments or a physical card for ATM and POS payments, download our mobile app, Root by Sudo on the iOS App Store here or Google Play Store here.

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